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FAQ: Integrations

How can I integrate with your platform?

Here are all the ways you can integrate with Prodigi:

  1. Manual order form (place one-off orders)
  2. CSV importer (submit orders in bulk)
  3. Print API (integrate your website or app)
  4. Ecommerce apps and integrations, including:

Manual order form Our user-friendly manual order form is perfect for those looking to place a one-off order with us. To place an order, simply create an account, click ‘Create order’ and follow the on-screen instructions. Then, select your shipping destination, choose a product from our extensive range of print on demand products, upload your image and submit your order – we’ll handle the fulfilment.

CSV importer Selling custom products via a third-party marketplace like Amazon and receiving a high volume of orders? Streamline your order processing with our CSV importer, which enables you to export orders from your ecommerce platform and bulk import them to us for fulfilment. Sign up to Prodigi, then click ‘Import orders’ to get started.

Print API If you’re a developer or have access to one, then we recommend integrating your website or app with Prodigi through our powerful print API. Once integrated, your orders will automatically feed directly into our platform to be fulfilled – no manual intervention necessary. Download our API documentation, or email for more information.

Ecommerce apps & integrations Our ecommerce apps are ideal for Shopify sellers who want to fully automate their order fulfilment. Register your account, download our Shopify app and set up your products.

We also have a suite of ecommerce integrations for Etsy, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce and Squarespace sellers, all of which enable automatic order processing. Simply connect your store, tell us which products to fulfil and enjoy hands-off fulfilment. Once we receive your order, we’ll handle the printing, packing and shipping.

Can I send my users through my own checkout?

Yes, you can! Your customers will go through your own checkout process.

If you plan on using our manual order form or CSV importer, then you’ll need to manually submit or import your orders to Prodigi. Alternatively, if you intend to use our print API or one of our ecommerce apps, then your orders will be automatically routed to our system.

Can you handle the checkout process for me?

We don’t currently support this feature for the print on demand services referenced above, although we do act as the transacting partner for our photo book maker solution.

Do you have a WordPress plug-in?

We have no current plans to support WordPress, but we are working on improving our preview service and turning it into a standalone product, so that you can create images and place orders for WordPress using our manual order form or CSV importer.

How can I connect my ecommerce store to Prodigi?

Sign up for a free Prodigi account, navigate to ‘Sales channels’ located in your Prodigi dashboard, then click ‘Connect your store’ on the relevant tile.

How long will it take to connect my store?

This depends on the number of product listings in your store. Generally speaking, though, it should only take a few minutes to import all of your products and connect your store.

Once your products have been successfully imported, you’ll receive an email confirming that your store connection is complete. You’ll then be able to configure your products by navigating to your store connection on the ‘Sales channels’ page in your Prodigi dashboard. Please wait for your products to successfully import before trying to configure your products.

You only need to connect your store once. If you haven’t received your confirmation email one hour after connecting your store, try disconnecting your store and then re-connecting. If you’re still having issues connecting your store, please contact us at

Can I create my product listings in Prodigi and then sync them to my ecommerce store?

Not currently, no. You’ll need to create your product listings in your store first, before importing them into Prodigi by connecting your store from within your Prodigi dashboard. However, we do hope to offer this functionality in the near future.

If you’d like to create mockups for your product listings, you can use our free mockup generator.

How do I select which products I want Prodigi to fulfil?

Please refer to the section titled ‘Configuring your products’ in the relevant user guide (linked at the top of this page) for a step-by-step guide on how to set up your products for automatic fulfilment.

What do I need to do when an order comes through?

If you’ve configured your products for automatic fulfilment, then you don’t have to do a thing! Your order will be automatically routed to our global print network for fulfilment, and we’ll keep you updated of its progress by sending you order status updates as soon as they’re available.

Can I personalise my orders?

Yes, you can! If any of your products require personalisation, such as a custom image, simply leave the product and / or image fields blank at the product configuration stage. Upon receiving an order for this product, we’ll send you an order notification alert prompting you to add any outstanding assets, after which you can submit your order to us for fulfilment.

Can I change the image on a product after configuring it for automatic fulfilment?

Absolutely! To change an image on a product configured for automatic fulfilment, simply click ‘Edit’, select the bin icon at the bottom to remove and upload a new image, then hit ‘Save’ to finish.

Will Prodigi keep me informed of any order status updates?

Of course! Order status updates will automatically be sent directly to both your and your customers. You can also view the details of your order in your Prodigi dashboard. We’ll also provide any relevant tracking information as soon as it becomes available.

If I delete an order in Prodigi, will it disappear in my store?

No. If you ignore or delete an unsubmitted order in your Prodigi account, it won’t affect the order in your store.

Can I edit the delivery address on an order?

Once an order has been submitted it may not be possible to edit it as some orders go straight into production.

We recommend configuring a pause window to your orders to delay them going into production if you need to ensure an edit window is always available.

You can configure a pause window in your dashboard preferences.

How do I remove orders from my Prodigi dashboard?

Log in to your Prodigi dashboard, navigate to ‘Orders’, then click into the order that you’d like to remove. Next, click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and select ‘Remove’ (taking this action will remove the order from your Prodigi dashboard but won’t affect the order in your store).

How do I configure shipping rates for products, ready for automatic fulfilment?

For each product listed in your store and configured for automatic fulfilment with Prodigi, you can choose whether you’d like your order to be sent via a Budget, Standard or Express service, or Auto-select (only applicable for Wix, WooCommerce and Squarespace orders). Auto-select pulls in the shipping selected by your customer during the checkout process. For example, if you offer a choice of all three options in your store, we’ll select the service for shipment when we fulfil the order.

By default, we send all Etsy orders via Standard delivery and all Wix, WooCommerce and Squarespace orders via Auto-select.

To set up shipping, navigate to the product configuration page for your store. Click on the ‘Configure’ button below the product that you’d like to set up. You’ll then see a tile labelled ‘Shipping’ with a drop-down menu. Select the desired shipping option, and your choice will be saved automatically for that product.

How do I disconnect my ecommerce store from Prodigi?

Log in to your Prodigi dashboard, navigate to ‘Sales channels’, then click ‘Configure’ next to the name of the store connection you want to delete. Next, click ‘Settings’, then select ‘Delete this channel’.

Can I create shipping profiles to publish on my ecommerce store?

Not yet, but this feature is on our development roadmap.

For now, you’ll need to establish shipping profiles within your ecommerce store’s dashboard to set delivery charges for your customers. The shipping rate will be determined by the delivery country.

If you’d prefer to offer ‘Budget’ or ‘Express’ shipping options, you can customise your shipping preferences during the product configuration process after connecting your store to Prodigi.

Can I add branded packing slips to my auto-fulfilled orders?

Yes, you can! A default packing slip can be added for any of our global wall art products during the store connection set-up process or via the settings modal within your store configuration page.

Alternatively, to add packing slips to your orders manually, simply select ‘Fulfilled by Prodigi’ instead of configuring your products for auto-fulfilment. When an order appears in your dashboard, you’ll then have the option to add a packing slip in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Packing slips must be in png format and can be uploaded and stored within your image library.

Please note: Packing slips are printed in blank ink on a standard sheet of white A4 paper.

If I add a new product to my store, do I need to manually toggle it on in Prodigi for fulfilment?

New product listings are automatically imported into Prodigi. By default, we set any new products to ‘Fulfilled by Prodigi’. If you’d prefer to have all new products set to ‘Ignored for fulfilment’ by default, you can adjust this setting on your store’s product configuration page. Additionally, if you connect a new store, you’ll also have the option to set your default preference during the initial product configuration process.

Can I change my store’s domain after connecting it to Prodigi?

Changing your store’s domain can stop the connection from working. If you do wish to change it, you’ll need to delete the current connection and then reconnect.