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Last updated 1 February 2023

The following summarises any known production and delivery issues across our global network during the coronavirus outbreak and seasonal peaks. This page is updated as soon as news reaches us.

Shipping times to some destinations are changing daily during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to the individual courier status pages for the latest situation.

Production Shipping
UK Good

Severe disruption to Royal Mail international deliveries due a cyber incident. Royal Mail is currently (12 January) unable to despatch items to overseas destinations. The following services are affected:

  • Royal Mail International Tracked
  • Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed
  • Royal Mail International Standard

For the latest information, please check Royal Mail's incident page.

Due to peak volumes and limited availability or capacity, there are severe backlogs at USPS entry points (airports), leading to delays of up to 9–27 days.

EU Good Some impact

Deliveries into Ireland delayed by up to 9 days due to slower processing of orders through Irish customs.

Some impact

+ 2 working days

Some impact

Canada express orders shipped from the UK are currently delayed by 3 days; overnight services by 1 day.

Australia & NZ Some impact

All products1 day delay

Some impact

The Sydney–Perth rail route is closed due to flooding, and the Melbourne–Adelaide (the rail link to Perth for all Melbourne freight) is closed due to damage from a major derailment accident. Delays of up 2 weeks are possible.

Vic, NSW, parts of Qld
Flooding is still affecting many areas, so deliveries are delayed into certain areas. Residents will already be aware.

For both the above, please consider using Express, an air service and thus not affected.

RoW Good Some impact

Shipping to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus had been suspended by shipping carriers.