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CSV importer

CSV importer

A bulk ordering tool for clients with high transaction volumes.

Export orders from your ecommerce platform and then import in bulk to Prodigi with one simple process.

We support Etsy, WooCommerce and Shopify CSV export files, and no editing of your downloaded spreadsheets is necessary. Or use the Prodigi CSV template with other ecommerce platforms.

Export orders

Simple order processing

With the CSV importer you don’t need to worry about the time it takes to process manual orders or integrate with our API. Simply submit your orders in one quick upload. You can amend artwork, remove orders, edit details and get status and shipping updates.

Simple to use

Access all order details through your online account, see the status of each transaction, make changes, get shipping details or cancel orders.

How it works

  1. 1. Create

    Sign up for a free Prodigi account.

  2. 2. Export

    Export sales data from your ecommerce store. For platforms other than Shopify and Etsy, use our preferred CSV format.

  3. 3. Upload

    Upload your orders in bulk to our online ordering dashboard.

  4. 4. Process

    Each order is printed on demand using our global fulfilment network and shipped directly to your customers.

  5. 5. Manage

    Your personalised dashboard provides access to every imported order, enabling you to review, edit and submit your orders automatically.