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FAQ: Canvases

How are your canvas prints made?

Canvases are printed on specialist canvas material using our 12-colour Giclée printing process. This material is then stretched over a handmade wooden canvas frame (made from four separate parts called canvas stretcher bars).

The canvas corners are folded tightly over each edge and then the material is fixed with staples to the canvas stretcher bar frame. Tape is then used to cover all staples, ensuring a smooth, neat finish.

A ‘gallery wrapped’ canvas is where the edge of the image is wrapped around the side of the canvas. This allows the canvas to be presentable without a frame.

For example, a 12x16” canvas will actually have the image printed onto a 16x20” canvas so that 2” on all sides of the image can be wrapped around the frame. 1 ½” will be on the side of the frame and ½” will be on the back.

What is ‘museum wrapping’?

‘Museum wrapping’ is a method of stretching a canvas so the image remains on the front surface of the stretcher frame and a solid colour wraps around the edge of the stretcher frame.

By wrapping a solid border around the edge of the stretcher frame you can keep the entire image on the front. We offer a black or white edge for museum wrapped canvas.

What is ‘mirror wrapping’?

A ‘mirror wrapped’ canvas is where the edges of the image are reflected onto the sides of the canvas which means the whole image will appear on the front of the canvas.

From which materials are your canvas frames made?

For inhouse canvas production we use European knotless pine frames. This frame is extremely hard wearing and does not warp, unlike many of the cheap online alternatives.

Each canvas stretcher frame is milled with a curved profile and rounded edges. This shape helps to minimise contact with the front face of the canvas, preventing unsightly impression marks and surface cracking.

Our canvas frames are all fully finger-jointed. This means that longer frames are made from several lengths of wood pressure-jointed together, helping the frame to resist warping. This combination of techniques helps ensure our canvas frames are exceptionally straight, even at the largest sizes.

What is the thickness of your canvas frames?

All our standard canvases use a 38mm canvas stretched bar. All GLOBAL-CAN SKUs are manufactured using a 38mm depth stretcher bar (with one or two territories using bars that are either a few mm thicker or thinner).

For custom canvas prints produced in the UK we offer four different potential canvas depths for bespoke orders:

  • 19mm
  • 38mm
  • 38mm Premium (a heavy duty luxury option)
  • 44mm