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FAQ: Production & manufacturing

What are average production times?

Each product has its own service level agreement (SLA) with the manufacturing facility producing it. The vast majority of our products are produced within 24-48 hours.

In general, for our most popular GLOBAL SKUs the following SLAs are in place:

Production lab Fine art prints Framed prints Canvas prints
Australia 48-72 hours 48-72 hours 72-120 hours
UK 24-72 hours 24-72 hours 48-72 hours
EU 24-72 hours 24-72 hours 48-72 hours
USA 24-72 hours 96 hours 72-120 hours

However, more complex products such as handmade framed prints and canvases can occasionally take up to 7 days to make. Each product has an indicative SLA associated with it in terms of hours and we send multiple production status updates. We will keep you fully informed as your orders work through each individual lab.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is simply having products shipped directly from supplier to customer. It means that you don’t have to worry about order fulfilment or storage space.

Prodigi connects your ecommerce store with our own in-house printing labs, as well as multiple print suppliers all over the world. This means we can fulfil orders to customers anywhere in the world.

All orders get sent directly to your customers, completely white-label, so you always own a direct relationship with your customers.

Prodigi enables print on demand dropshipping for a huge range of products from museum quality fine art prints to homeware, wall art, apparel, merchandise, accessories, phone cases, stationery and more.

Orders can be processed manually using our online order form or you can setup automatic fulfilment using our print API or Shopify app.

What is “white-label dropshipping”?

White-label dropshipping is a method of retail fulfilment. Rather than holding stock, a merchant will purchase products from a third party supplier, who then ship the products directly to the consumer.

The products are shipped to the merchant’s end consumer with no reference to the third party supplier on any products or packaging.

White-label dropshipping offers minimized risks, lower costs, scalability and huge time saving. This allows merchants to focus on customers and growing their brand.

Will my customers know that Prodigi fulfils my orders?

No, Prodigi always acts as your silent partner. Your customers never need to know that we were involved as we’re a white-label dropshipping company.

Online, our products integrate seamlessly with your website or ecommerce store. We don’t add any branding or watermarks to product mockups, and you are free to edit the descriptions and imagery as you please.

You are the public face of the business, and keep full control over all customer service and marketing.

All of our products are white-label, with the exception of apparel which contains the manufacturer’s label (Gildan, Bella+Canvas, etc.).

Orders are shipped in plain packaging, with packing slips and sender information made as discreet as possible.