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FAQ: Image library

What is the image library?

Available to merchants who place orders via our manual order form, CSV importer or ecommerce integrations, our image library enables you to save and store your images for quick and easy ordering. It can be accessed on any device, making it ideal for placing orders on the go.

How do I save images to the image library?

After being prompted to upload or add your image, you’ll see a box marked ‘Also save to library’, which will be checked by default. Leaving this box checked will automatically save the image to your image library for future use. For future orders, simply click on the image thumbnail shown to re-use your image. As your image library grows, you can use the handy search bar function to find the image you need.

Are there any restrictions on file size or how many images I can store?

There is no limit on the number of images you can store in your image library*, enabling you to store thousands of images. Individual files are restricted to a maximum of 300Mb.

To check the file requirements for a specific product, such as the required file format and optimal DPI, please refer to the individual product page. We recommend using the largest file size you have to ensure the best print quality across our entire product range.

*Subject to a fair-use policy

How can I find my images within the image library?

Images are shown as thumbnails, with your most recently used images appearing first. You can also use the search bar to help locate the image you’re looking for. The name of your image will be the same as the original file name.

Can I download or share the images stored in my image library with other users or third parties?

No. These images should only be used for the purpose of creating print on demand products within the Prodigi dashboard. You can’t download images or use their URLs publicly, but you can delete images.

Can I edit or modify images within the image library?

The images stored in your image library will always appear as originally uploaded. When selecting an image to create a product, any edits or transformations will only be applied to the image on that specific product. The original image stored in your image library will remain unchanged.

How do I delete images from my image library?

You can delete images from the image library by selecting ‘Manage’, then clicking ‘Delete’ on the thumbnail of the image you wish to delete. Deleted images cannot be recovered, so please make sure you have a copy of the image if necessary.

How can I ensure that the images I upload to my image library will print correctly on my products?

You should always refer to the recommended image file requirements listed on our product pages before uploading your images. You can also use our image editor to double-check the print quality before submitting your order for fulfilment.

What file formats can I save to the image library?

You can save jpg or png files to your image library.

Will my images be saved securely in the image library?

Rest assured, images are securely stored by Prodigi and our hosting partners in compliance with the highest international data standards. Your images are only accessible to you, the merchant, and are used only by Prodigi when you submit an order for fulfillment. Your data is stored within the European Union.

Can I upload a CMYK image?

Yes, although RGB images are preferable. If you do choose to upload CMYK images to your image library, we’ll automatically convert them for you.

How can I check that my CMYK image has been converted to RGB?

When you upload a CMYK image to your image library, we store it in its original CMYK format.

When you select the image for use in fulfilling an order, we automatically convert it to RGB for you. Your newly converted RGB image will be displayed in all thumbnail images during the ordering and product configuration processes in the dashboard. You can also view your converted image in the image editor.

Will my CMYK image look different after it's been converted to RGB?

The conversion process will match CMYK colours to the closest possible RGB equivalents. However, because the colour spectrums of these two image types differ, there may be some subtle variations. RGB images offer a wider colour range, so when you convert a CMYK image to RGB, some colours may appear more vibrant than before.

You can preview your image in RGB by checking the image thumbnails on the manual order form, through the image editor or during the product configuration process as part of our ecommerce integrations.