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FAQ: About Prodigi

What is Prodigi?

Prodigi is a software platform containing all the services and features you need to launch and scale a global print on demand business.

We help companies selling printed products to simplify their logistics and maximise their profits using software to connect different prints labs together in a unified dropshipping network.

We operate a hybrid fulfilment model; supplementing in-house production with outsourced manufacturing partners. Our in-house manufacturing facilities are located in the UK and mainland Europe supported by a global network of print on demand fulfilment partners.

If you want to scale print on demand sales we’d love to hear from you.

What is Peecho?

Peecho is a cloud printing platform and print on demand company acquired by Prodigi in December 2023.

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Peecho leverages cloud print technology to seamlessly turn digital content into personalised physical products.

Its software integrates effortlessly into apps and platforms featuring user-generated content, allowing them to offer on-demand products like photo books and commercial stationery, produced locally using some of the best print facilities around the world.

What is Pwinty?

Pwinty is the internal name for Prodigi’s print API.

The print API provides direct access to a global network of print on demand manufacturing partners. The name is primarily used internally, since the rebranding of our platform, apps and business to all consistently be known as Prodigi.

Pwinty was formerly a technology company acquired by Prodigi in July 2017.

What is Kite?

Kite - or - is a technology company acquired by Prodigi from Canon in August 2019.

Kite’s platform and products are now integrated into the Prodigi print on demand platform.

How does Prodigi work?

Prodigi uses software to abstract the complexities associated with building and operating a global manufacturing network.

We’ve sourced a diverse range of print on demand products - manufactured by the world’s best labs - and integrated our software with their complex production and fulfilment systems.

This gives you access to an almost limitless range of products; lower prices through aggregated demand; reduced shipping costs by localised manufacturing.

Ready to start ordering? Get in touch, or create an account.

What’s the difference between Kite, Pwinty and Prodigi?

Kite, Pwinty and Prodigi are all part of the same company, Prodigi Group.

The brand names Kite and Pwinty will eventually be sunset and all our products and services will be marketed as Prodigi.

Do I need accounts with both Prodigi and Pwinty?

No, you only need an account with Prodigi to access our print API and start creating orders.

Your Prodigi trade account is a good first point of contact giving you access to our manual order form, API credentials, product prices and direct contact with our support team.

Create a trade account today.

Where are you based?

We’re based in the UK with offices in Alton and Harrogate. We also have production facilities in the UK, the US and the Netherlands where we manufacture our own products.

We have global fulfilment coverage with partner labs located across most of the world including mainland Europe, USA, Canada, India, Australia and South Korea as well as many additional locations.

Who should I contact if I have a query or issue?

The best email address to use is