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FAQ: Products

What products do you offer?

We offer over 500,000 print on demand products; manufactured all over the world.

The product catalogue is vast and ranges from museum quality fine art prints to homewares, wall art, apparel, phone cases, stationery and more. To see our full product list check out our product catalogue.

We are adding new products to the database almost everyday so If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch as it may already be about to go-live or be in the process of getting set up

Where can I find out more information about the products?

You can find out more information on our marketing website or product catalogue.

Alternatively, get in touch with our sales team if you need specific help with any products or are trying to source anything you can’t locate - they will be happy to help.

What is a “global” product?

Prodigi provides frictionless access to a global print network. This network helps you sell identical products manufactured in different locations all over the world.

We classify a product as being “global” if we have cloned the product spec in more than one country. A cloned spec ensures your customers have consistency wherever they are located.

Typically, a product needs to be produced in the US & EU as a minimum for it to be considered “global”. The following product ranges have been cloned and offer superb options for growing your sales across the world:

Fine art printsManufactured in UK, EU, USA, Australia, Canada
C-type (silver halide)Manufactured in UK, EU, USA, Australia
Framed printsManufactured in UK, EU, USA, Australia
CanvasManufactured in UK, EU, USA, Australia
Framed canvasManufactured in UK, EU, USA, Australia
Phone casesManufactured in UK, EU, USA, Australia, Canada, India, South Korea
Photo booksManufactured in UK, EU, USA, Australia
Clothing / ApparelManufactured in UK, EU, USA, Australia, Canada
CushionsManufactured in UK, USA, Australia
MugsManufactured in UK, USA, Australia
TapestriesManufactured in EU, USA, Australia
StickersManufactured in UK, EU

Do you have a product mock-up service?

Currently, our mock-up service is only available as part of our Shopify app - however, it is a service we are currently building for non-Shopify users.

Alternatively, many customers use Creative Market to generate mock-ups in Photoshop or Indesign.

If you’re looking for mock-ups featuring real people, PlaceIt has a great selection of photography and has recently started offering video.

Where can I find product templates to setup my images?

You can find our product templates available for download on each individual product page.