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Eco framed canvas

Recycled custom canvas print with picture frame made from sustainably sourced wood

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Production time
72-120 hours
Wholesale cost
From £17.00 *
Printing method
Giclée, Latex inks
Available sizes
8x8" to 20x30"
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* Prices exclude taxes and shipping. Non-GBP prices are approximate based on current rates.

Turn plastic waste into profit with our eco framed canvas. Made from recycled plastic bottles recovered from plastic-polluted beaches, these framed canvas prints are perfect for eco-conscious sellers as well as customers looking to shop more sustainably. 

Available to order in four sizes in both square and rectangular formats, your image is recreated using our 12-colour Giclée printing process for long-lasting vibrancy, depth and richness. Each custom canvas print is framed by hand and delivered ready to hang in a premium float frame made from sustainably sourced wood. 

Choose from a black, white, gold, silver or natural frame to complete your framed eco canvas.

  • Handmade by specialist canvas framers
  • Made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials
  • Superior float frame
  • Choice of sizes and frame colours 
  • Professional Giclée photographic print
Eco framed canvases are part of our Eco, Vegan, Trending and Sustainable wall art collections.

Example products

These are our most popular eco framed canvases variants. Sign up for an account to browse our complete range, view pricing and get 50% off your first sample order.

SKU Size * Ships from
ECO-FRA-CAN-8X8 203x203mm UK, EU, US Get pricing
ECO-FRA-CAN-12X12 305x305mm UK, EU, US Get pricing
ECO-FRA-CAN-16X16 406x406mm UK, EU, US Get pricing
ECO-FRA-CAN-20X20 508x508mm UK, EU, US Get pricing
ECO-FRA-CAN-20X30 508x762mm UK, EU, US Get pricing
* Products shipped from US/AU are sized to the nearest inch, and to the nearest cm elsewhere.


Eco canvas float frame specifications

  • Eco canvas float Black
  • Eco canvas float White
  • Eco canvas float Antique Gold
  • Eco canvas float Antique Silver
  • Eco canvas float Natural

Our eco canvas float frame is available in black, white, antique gold, antique silver and natural.

Prodigi framed canvas cross-section 12mm 5mm gap 53mm 38mm 12mm canvas
Depth from wall 53mm
Face width (frame) 12mm
Face width (gap) 5mm
Base width 32mm
Rebate depth 40mm

Materials and print technology

Printing method
Giclée, Latex inks
Canvas, Wood

100 % recycled canvas, 100% wood

Eco credentials

  • Water-based inks icon

    Water-based inks

    Printed using water based inks.

  • Sustainabily sourced icon

    Sustainably sourced paper or wood

    From sustainable forests.

  • Recycling icon

    Recycled content

    Contains a significant proportion of recycled material.

  • Vegan-friendly icon


    Contains no animal products.

100% eco-friendly packaging

Fulfilment & packaging

Eco framed canvases are part of our global print on demand range. Order using a single SKU and we automatically fulfil your order from the print lab nearest to your customer.

Global products are greener, faster and cheaper.

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White-label packaging

All our shipments are white-label. There is no Prodigi branding on the outer packaging or on any included paperwork.

Cardboard box

Rigid, corrugated cardboard boxes made from recycled materials.

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