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How to fulfil Etsy orders with Prodigi

Our CSV bulk order importer is a feature of the Prodigi online ordering platform.

It's the perfect solution for clients using marketplaces such as Etsy, who are unable to integrate with the full print API but need to process significant volumes of daily orders.

  • Ideal for bulk-processing large numbers of orders.
  • Confirm and review each order before processing.
  • Add or edit each item's artwork prior to submission.
  • See order status and shipping updates.

Once you've set up your free Prodigi customer account, you can submit your orders to us through a personalised online dashboard. Our platform allows you to place either individual orders through the manual order form, or submit them to us in bulk by using the CSV Importer tool.

Prodigi bulk order processor

The CSV Importer supports a number of existing order formats from the most popular ecommerce platforms, including Etsy and Shopify. We also support our own order format that you can use regardless of where your orders are coming from. This is perfect for placing orders if you manage multiple ecommerce stores.

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