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FAQ: Frames

What are the size of the mounts (mats) for mounted and framed prints?

Mount size depends on the size of the frame.

  • Frames that are 10x10” or below have a 1” mount.
  • Frames that are 11x14” or below have a 1.5” mount.
  • Frames that are 12x16” or above have a 2” mount.

Does the size listed for frames refer to the overall size?

No, the size listed for each frame refers to the size of the glaze and does not include the width of the frame. For example, A4 prints without a mount will fit an A4 glaze exactly, but prints with a mount will be smaller than A4 to fit the mount window opening.

What does the 1.4, 2.0 or 3.2mm mount size refer to?

This is the depth of the card from which the mount is cut.

Can I create borders when ordering with the manual order form?

Yes, our new cropper feature allows you to create borders for resizing your framed prints and rolled posters in the manual order form. You can also print “full bleed” where there are no borders and the image fills all the available paper.