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Maximise control & minimise mistakes with our new order pausing feature

Maximise control & minimise mistakes with our new order pausing feature
2 May 2024 Updated 22 May 2024

Automatic order fulfilment is great — that is, until you spot a typo in the delivery address or your customer asks if it’s too late to cancel the order.

In an ideal world, you’d have a grace period in which to resolve any teething problems before your order moves into production, such as the ability to put your print on demand orders on hold temporarily. Not-so-subtle segue aside, our new order pausing feature allows you to do just that.

Available to all Prodigi merchants, with the exception of Shopify app users who already have the ability to pause orders via the app’s personalisation feature, it enables you to add a time delay to your orders, giving you a window of opportunity in which to edit or cancel them free of charge.

When this time window expires, your order will then progress to production and you’ll be charged for the order. Orders cancelled prior to being submitted for fulfilment during the order edit window won’t be charged.

Not only does this new functionality give you more control over your orders and prevent you from any unnecessary headaches relating to order admin, it also helps prevent waste caused by orders that have already been produced but are no longer wanted — so everybody wins!

By default, we’ll process all of your orders immediately. To add a time delay, simply navigate to the ‘Account’ page within your Prodigi dashboard, select the ‘Preferences’ tab and choose your desired pre-set time delay from the list of options below:

  • None, process immediately
  • 2 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 24 hours
  • Hold indefinitely, until manually released

Alternatively, you can add a custom time delay, specifying exactly how long you’d like us to pause your orders for. Enter any amount of time, from five minutes up to a maximum of 48 hours, for even greater flexibility and control over the order management process. If you’d like to delay your order for more than 48 hours, we recommend using the ‘Hold indefinitely’ option above.

Order pause settings

During the time your orders are paused, you’ll be able to take all of the following actions*:

  • Cancel your order
  • Submit your order immediately, overriding any remaining time left on your pre-set delay
  • Edit the product SKU, image, shipping speed, delivery address (excluding delivery country) and customer contact details, including their email address and phone number
  • Add a packing slip
  • Remove a line item from your order

For more information about our order pausing feature, including how to configure your order pausing settings, check out our FAQs.

Please note that if you’d like to change anything beyond these options, you’ll need to cancel your order and create a new one.

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