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Introducing our new product personalisation feature for Shopify users

Introducing our new product personalisation feature for Shopify users
24 June 2022

When it comes to the future of ecommerce, personalisation is where it’s at. A 2019 report by boutique investment bank ComCap found that 70% of retailers are actively working on providing consumers with a bespoke shopping experience. And with one in five customers prepared to pay up to 20% more for personalised merch and services, it’s no surprise that businesses are going to such lengths to give shoppers what they want, which is something that’s uniquely theirs — whether it’s a custom t-shirt they’ve designed themselves, a personalised phone case with their initials on or even a bespoke canvas print (think pet portraits, etc.).

It’ll come as no surprise then that one of our most common requests from our clients — aside from more eco-friendly products and full integration with Etsy (both coming soon) — is the ability to support personalised merchandise. And after months of hard work behind the scenes, we’re delighted to finally introduce you to our product personalisation feature.

A brand-new option in our Shopify app, our personalisation feature lets you easily offer personalised products in your store. Users can now choose to enable their products for personalisation, as well as pause orders for personalising prior to sending them to Prodigi for manufacturing. Customers ordering a product with a customisable element will have the option to add their own text or imagery through the use of third-party apps. Once the order has been submitted, sellers will then be able to make the requested changes to the artwork, before sending the updated print image through to Prodigi’s global print network for fulfilment.

How does it work?

Your new orders will now behave according to your store’s production flow preference:

Suitable for Prodigi orders that do not require any personalisation. Orders received by the app that are marked as ‘automatic’ will be automatically sent to us for fulfilment within 4 hours.
Suitable for Prodigi orders that do require personalisation. Orders received by the app that are marked as ‘manual’ will be held to allow you to make any necessary adjustments. Once these adjustments have been made, you can then click to send your order to us for fulfilment.
Suitable for orders that you do not want Prodigi to fulfil. This setting will prevent all fulfilment by Prodigi for your orders and, as a result, they will not appear in the app.

You can set the default behaviour for new orders under ‘Settings > Preferences’. If you plan to sell mostly standardised products and only a few personalised products, you should use the ‘automatic’ production flow option. Alternatively, if you plan to sell mostly personalised products, we recommend that you use the ‘manual’ production flow option.

Setting fulfilment preferences at a per-product level

Once you’ve set your store’s production flow, you can choose which products you want to behave differently. By selecting a product and hitting ‘configure’, you’ll be able to set this specific product to have a different production flow. For example, if your store is using the ‘automatic’ production flow option, you’ll want to set the products that you wish to enable for personalisation to ‘manual’.

Overall Prodigi fulfilment settings for your Shopify store

Prior to this, you might want to add one of Shopify’s personalisation apps to your store. We recommend using the ones below, which enable you to include everything from custom text fields and image upload buttons at the checkout stage:

Using a custom theme or familiar with coding? This blog post explains how to create custom product options on Shopify. Shopify also allows you to add certain personalisation features yourself under ‘Settings > Checkout’.

Our new personalisation feature can be applied to all of the products available in our Prodigi Shopify app. Once you've enabled your chosen products for personalisation, you’re good to go! Upon receiving an order, simply log into the Prodigi app, click ‘orders’, find the order marked as ‘manual’ from your order list and hit ‘edit order item’. You’ll then be able to replace the print image with the customised one and resize and reposition it as desired, before clicking ‘submit order’ to finish. Please note that once you send an order to us for fulfilment, you won’t be able to make any further changes to your order or cancel it.

An example of an order item paused for personalisation

To sum up…

We hope you and your customers enjoy our new product personalisation feature. If you have any feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a line at, and one of our friendly customer service advisors will be in touch.

Not interested in offering personalised merchandise in your store? No problem. Our new personalisation feature is completely optional. There’s no obligation to use it and no need to opt out of using it. You can continue to use the app as normal, and your orders will continue to flow without interruption.

New to Prodigi and want to integrate your Shopify store with our platform? Get the app and start selling your designs as personalised print on demand products today.

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