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The rising demand for sustainable print on demand: Fuel your business growth with Prodigi

The rising demand for sustainable print on demand: Fuel your business growth with Prodigi
21 May 2024

As a print on demand supplier, sustainable print on demand isn’t just a familiar concept; it’s our fundamental business model. Prodigi makes sustainable printing possible by enabling people anywhere in the world to create and sell locally made products globally, minimising overproduction, promoting local fulfilment and reducing carbon emissions in the process.

Not only is this business model sustainable, it’s also incredibly scalable. Our diverse range of clients spans from creatives selling their designs as custom wall art and marketplace sellers specialising in personalised gifts, to corporate enterprises dropshipping branded merchandise to customers and employees.

In other words, we’re proof that it’s possible to run a sustainable business of all sizes without sacrificing success. And with consumer demand for sustainable products on the rise — according to a 2023 report by McKinsey on sustainable retail – as well as the expected introduction of extensive environmental product legislation in 2024, it's becoming increasingly clear that sustainable production isn’t just a passing trend, but a crucial factor for future business success.

With Prodigi, businesses get direct access to our sustainable supply chain, allowing them to sell and dropship print on demand products all over the world. Our print on demand services are also free to use. We only charge you for what you sell, when you sell it. Still not convinced? Keep reading to discover all of the sustainability benefits of partnering with Prodigi.

Minimised overproduction through sustainable printing

Being over productive is great. Over producing stock, on the other hand — not so great. In the US alone, the manufacturing sector accounts for almost a quarter (23%) of direct carbon emissions, while Europe’s manufacturing industry emits a staggering 880 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents annually. This, coupled with the fact that approximately 30% of clothes produced by fashion retailers around the world never get sold, simply highlights the urgent need for more sustainable production practices.

Sustainable print on demand platforms like Prodigi offer a solution to the overproduction problem by producing stock on demand, instead of mass-producing products in advance. This approach ensures that products are only manufactured when there’s a confirmed order, reducing the risk of excess inventory and reducing waste. By leveraging print on demand technology, businesses can maintain a leaner, more sustainable supply chain while still meeting customer demands and adapting quickly to changing market trends.

In addition to helping you become a more sustainable business by minimising your impact on the environment, sustainable printing methods like print on demand also save you money. Leftover stock eats into your profits and resources, so even if you don't consider the environmental benefits, printing on demand is still more cost-effective than traditional production methods.

Access to a growing range of sustainable products

Sustainable retail doesn’t stop at your supply chain. When running a sustainable business, the products you sell in your store should also reflect your commitment to environmentally friendly practices. And since 61% of consumers aged between 22 to 35 are willing to pay more for sustainable products, you can justify a higher price tag, too.

Prodigi offers a wide and continuously expanding selection of sustainable print on demand products that you can design and sell online, including biodegradable phone cases, REACH-compliant canvas prints made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags made from 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton. What’s more, as a company that’s committed to sustainable printing, we only ever use water-based inks or eco solvent inks to print our products.

As part of our efforts to maintain a sustainable supply chain, we also screen our suppliers for compliance with fair labour and sustainability standards. To ensure sustainable production practices are upheld across our supply chain, we actively seek to partner with suppliers who are ISO 14001, ISO 24000 or ISO 26000 compliant and who use renewable energy over standard grid electricity. As a minimum, all of our suppliers must provide traceability for all core raw materials.

Sustainable packaging at no additional cost

It’s all well and good selling sustainable products products in your store, but if they turn up wrapped in layers of plastic and Styrofoam, then it undermines your sustainability efforts and sends a mixed message to your customers about your credibility as a sustainable business.

Sustainable packaging company, Protega, reports that a whopping 81% of consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging from retailers. In fact, 49% of those respondents are even prepared to pay more for both sustainable packaging and delivery, while 33% say they’ve rejected a purchase because of unsustainable packaging — that’s quite the statement.

Here at Prodigi, we avoid using plastics wherever possible, including in our packaging. We’ve already eliminated cling film from our supply chain and introduced a sustainable alternative to plastic end caps — our zero-plastic packaging solution, Ecocaps. For products that require added protection, we use environmentally friendly plastics, such as biodegradable OPP bags. We also opt for packaging that’s recyclable, compostable or made from recycled content as much as is practicable.

Local production and fulfilment

Online stores are inherently greener than their physical counterparts. After all, one truck delivering 50 packages will leave a smaller carbon footprint than 50 people driving to a store themselves (assuming they can’t get there on foot). This consolidation of deliveries reduces the number of vehicles on the road, leading to lower overall emissions. Furthermore, online stores eliminate the need for physical retail spaces, which often consume significant amounts of energy for lighting and heating,

Fulfilling orders closer to your customers significantly lowers carbon emissions by reducing the amount of time packages spend in transit — and shorter shipping distances also mean cheaper delivery costs. Our global fulfilment network allows us to offer local production and fulfilment worldwide, mitigating global shipping issues that have become increasingly prevalent post-Covid and in the current economic climate.

By relying on local production and fulfilment, businesses can reduce their dependence on international shipping, which is often subject to delays, disruptions and increased costs. This approach not only helps companies minimise their environmental impact but also improves supply chain resilience and customer satisfaction by ensuring more timely deliveries. Additionally, it aligns with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol's Scope 3 emission reduction goals, further emphasising the importance of sustainable practices in ecommerce.

To sum up…

Prodigi’s sustainable print on demand services offer numerous benefits for businesses looking to embrace environmentally friendly practices. Our commitment to minimising overproduction, offering a wide range of sustainable products and using eco-friendly packaging demonstrates our dedication to helping businesses reduce their environmental impact. Our global fulfilment network also enables local production and dropshipping, reducing reliance on international shipping and its associated carbon footprint.

As consumers increasingly prioritise sustainability and environmental product legislation becomes more rigorous, adopting a sustainable print on demand model is a proactive step towards future-proofing your business. By leveraging Prodigi's sustainable supply chain, businesses of any size can grow and succeed while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Start your own sustainable print on demand business with Prodigi. Sign up for a free account and get 50% off your first sample order.

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