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Prodigi dashboard update: Support for PayPal

Prodigi dashboard update: Support for PayPal
16 November 2023

We're very happy to announce that PayPal is now an accepted payment method in our print on demand dashboard.

As well as giving Prodigi merchants more ways to pay, PayPal is also perfect for businesses that trade globally due to its ability to process multiple currencies. We also understand that not everyone feels comfortable registering their card details when signing up for a new service. Therefore, we hope that by offering a well-known and trusted third-party payment service like PayPal as a payment option, it will provide reassurance for merchants who prefer not to share their card information.

Keep reading for all the need-to-know details!

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment platform for making secure transactions, such as sending and receiving money, over the internet without the need to share your financial information directly with the recipient.

What’s changing

Until now, Prodigi merchants only had the option of adding their card details to place orders with us. However, both new and existing merchants can now choose to add their card details or link their PayPal account to their dashboard.

As part of this change, we’re also implementing some behind-the-scenes security enhancements for authenticating card details to offer even greater protection for our merchants.

Can I use two different payment methods?

No, not at the moment. Currently, you can only have either a card or a PayPal account linked to your account.

If you currently pay for your orders via weekly or monthly invoices, you can choose to replace your card details with a PayPal account in your Prodigi account if you prefer. When we generate your invoice and process the payment, we’ll charge either your card or your PayPal account, depending on which payment method you've set up in your account.

Is there an additional fee for using PayPal?

No. There are no additional fees for merchants using PayPal to purchase print on demand products via Prodigi.

How can I add PayPal as a payment method to my account?

If you’re new to Prodigi and have just created an account with us, go to your Prodigi dashboard, select ‘Settings’ from the menu on the left-hand side, then toggle to the ‘Billing’ tab. Next, click ‘Edit payment details’, then select ‘PayPal’ and follow the on-screen instructions to add your account.

If you want to switch from paying with a card to using your PayPal account, go to your Prodigi dashboard, select ‘Settings’ from the menu on the left-hand side, then toggle to the ‘Billing’ tab, where you’ll see your existing card on file. Click ‘Delete payment details’ and, once the card details have been successfully deleted, select 'Edit payment details’, then select ‘PayPal’ and follow the on-screen instructions to add your account.

Once your PayPal account has been successfully added, it will appear as linked to your Prodigi account in the ‘Billing’ section of your Prodigi dashboard. If you have any issues with adding your PayPal account, please contact us at

If you wish to remove PayPal as a payment method from your Prodigi account, you'll receive an email from PayPal at the email address associated with your PayPal account, not your Prodigi email (if these email addresses are different).

Please note that we do not have access to merchants’ PayPal account details. If you’ve forgotten these, please go to the PayPal login page and follow the ‘Forgotten email address’ and/or ‘Forgotten password’ instructions to recover your email address and/or reset your password.

Can I get a refund if I pay for my print on demand orders with PayPal?

Yes. Our refund policy applies to all payment methods, including PayPal. Refunds are processed via Stripe back to the original method of payment.

How long does it take for payments and refunds to process through PayPal?

Payments and refunds made through PayPal are usually processed instantly. However, refunds can take longer to process back to the original bank account.

Want to add PayPal as a payment method in your Prodigi dashboard? Click here to get started. Alternatively, you can read our full payment and pricing FAQs.

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