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New for global framed prints: No-glass-effect moth-eye glaze

New for global framed prints: No-glass-effect moth-eye glaze
25 January 2024

We promised to keep the new products coming in 2024, and we’re kicking off the new year with a great one.

In addition to our durable Perspex glaze, our new moth-eye glaze is now available to order with our classic frames and box frames (in the UK, US and EU). Dubbed “the next generation of anti-reflective film”, this innovative glass glaze coating is inspired by moth eyes, which will make much more sense once you’ve read this next paragraph.

Developed by thin-film technology company Geomatec in partnership with the Tokyo University of Science, it uses biomimicry (the imitation of biological structures and processes) to mimic the superior structure of a moth’s eye. What does that have to do with anything, you ask? The structure of a moth’s eyes makes them anti-reflective, thanks to nanostructures that reduce light reflection – and that’s exactly what this specially developed film is designed to do, too. The highly water-repellent material significantly minimises glare from multiple viewing angles, providing crystal-clear clarity and allowing you to enjoy every brushstroke or detail of your custom framed prints without any unwanted reflections. It’s also extremely effective at repelling oil, preventing grubby marks and smudges caused by fingerprints, which also makes it super easy to clean.

Moth-eye glass - not even visible on this photo!

Motheye and perspex comparisonComparison: Perspex glaze on the left, moth-eye glaze on the right, transforming a global box frame with clarity and texture.

In fact, the film’s anti-reflective properties create an effect so seamless that it's almost as if there's no glass barrier at all, as demonstrated in the video below:

And if you think it looks impressive through a screen, just wait until you see it IRL. Not only does this revolutionary film harness cutting-edge technology, it also completely redefines how your artwork is perceived, making it an ideal choice for a variety of different settings. Whether your creations are destined for display in a gallery, exhibit, or in your customers’ homes, our new moth-eye glaze ensures an unparalleled viewing experience.

Dropshipped framed print with moth-eye glaze

Elevate your custom framed prints today with our premium moth-eye glaze, available to order now via all of our print on demand solutions, including our manual order form, print API and sales channel integrations.

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