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Father’s Day and Mother’s Day around the world in 2022

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day around the world in 2022
10 February 2022

Up there with all the other important dates to remember each year (aka birthdays and anniversaries), Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are the perfect excuses for children everywhere to spoil their mums and dads with everything from personalised mugs to custom phone cases — and breakfast in bed, if they’re really lucky.

Custom mugs for gifting

In case you didn’t know, certain countries celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day at different times each year. And if you’re a print on demand seller, utilising these dates gives you the chance to create targeted advertising campaigns and drive meaningful sales at different points of the year. That’s why we’ve put together this handy summary of international Mother’s Day and Father’s Day dates for 2022.

Mother’s Day around the world in 2022

Norway 13th February 2022
Bulgaria 8th March 2022
UAE, Oman, Qatar, Egypt & most Arab countries 21st March 2022
United Kingdom & Ireland 27th March 2022
Spain, Portugal & Romania 1st May 2022
USA, Australia, India, Japan, Vietnam & most European nations 8th May 2022
Poland 26th May 2022
France 29th May 2022
Russia 27th November 2022

See a full list of Mother’s Day celebrations around the world.

Father’s Day around the world in 2022

Spain, Portugal, Italy & Croatia 19th March 2022
Germany 26th May 2022
Denmark & Switzerland 5th June 2022
Austria & Belgium 12th June 2022
United Kingdom, USA, Ireland & many European, African & Asian countries 19th June 2022
Brazil 14th August 2022
Australia, New Zealand & Fiji 4th September 2022
Russia 16th October 2022

See a full list of Father’s Day celebrations around the world.

Sell personalised Father’s and Mother’s Day gifts in your print on demand store

As any entrepreneur knows, these holidays aren’t just for showing some appreciation for mothers and fathers all over the world, they’re also great for boosting your ecommerce sales.

There are plenty of ways to take advantage of this holiday spending, particularly as a print on demand retailer. Spin up some new product designs, create a theme for your website and use social media and email marketing to promote and sell — you know the drill. Combining localised marketing campaigns with tailored products is another effective strategy for maximising your ecommerce sales. And with our wide range of print on demand products, you can easily create new product designs to optimise your sales this Mother’s and Father’s Day.

As well as our popular photo mugs, cushions, phone cases and canvases, our fine art greetings cards make excellent gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Part of our global product range, these products are all produced and fulfilled globally, meaning you can reach customers around the world for their Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations. Even better, printing products closer to your customers is greener, cheaper and faster.

Phone cases


Canvas wall art

Why not try out some of your own Mother’s and Father’s Day designs using our free mockup generator?

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