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Glow in the dark posters

Glow in the dark art prints – exclusive to Prodigi

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Production time
72 hours
Wholesale cost
From £5.00 *
210gsm (6.2oz/yd)
Printing method
Direct UV digital printing
Available sizes
4x6” to 40x40”
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If you like our foil prints, you’ll love our glow in the dark posters. A brand-new product in the print on demand space, this glow in the dark paper is available to order exclusively through Prodigi.

Perfect for displaying graphic illustrations, abstract art and typography designs, it benefits from a beautifully soft texture and a clean, matte finish, serving as a stunning work of art during the day and a glowing masterpiece when the lights go out.

Each print is produced using a specialist print technology that allows you to select which parts of your image glow in the dark. Learn how to prep your image files for glow in the dark printing with our step-by-step guide

Our custom glow in the dark art prints come in sizes ranging from 4x6” to 40x40” and are dropshipped direct to your customers in a recyclable cardboard tube, rolled and ready for framing. Don’t fancy framing your print yourself? Check out our framed glow in the dark posters instead. 

Please note: Areas defined as white or transparent in your artwork will emit a luminous green-blue glow. To activate glow in the dark elements, artwork should be exposed to 30 minutes of bright or natural light, before being displayed in a completely dark room. The more light charge your glow in the dark prints receive, the brighter they’ll glow. Eventually, the glow will begin to fade, indicating that more light charge is needed.

  • Glow in the dark prints
  • Luminous green-blue glow
  • Available in sizes 4x6” to 40x80”
  • Delivered ready to frame
Glow in the dark posters are part of our New in, Trending, Glow in the dark prints and Custom merchandise collections.

Example products

These are our most popular glow in the dark posters variants. Sign up for an account to browse our complete range, view pricing and get 50% off your first sample order.

SKU Size * Ships from
ART-GITD-4X6 100x150mm UK, EU, US Get pricing
ART-GITD-10X10 250x250mm UK, EU, US Get pricing
ART-GITD-A3 297x420mm UK, EU, US Get pricing
ART-GITD-20X30 500x762mm UK, EU, US Get pricing
ART-GITD-28X40 700x1000mm UK, EU, US Get pricing
ART-GITD-40X40 1000x1000mm UK, EU, US Get pricing
* Products shipped from US/AU are sized to the nearest inch, and to the nearest cm elsewhere.

Materials and print technology

Printing method
Direct UV digital printing
Fine art paper
Softly textured with an etching paper surface
Natural white


White-label packaging

All our shipments are white-label. There is no Prodigi branding on the outer packaging or on any included paperwork.

Poster tube

Rigid spiral-wound cardboard tubes.

  • Tube packaging length
  • Tube packaging cap end

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