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Metallic foil prints

Metallic prints with a gold or silver foil finish

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Production time
72 hours
Wholesale cost
From £6.00 *
350gsm (10.3oz/yd)
Printing method
Direct UV digital printing
Available sizes
4x6” to 40x80”
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* Prices exclude taxes and shipping. Non-GBP prices are approximate based on current rates.

Create your own statement metallic artwork with our stunning foil prints in gold or silver – perfect for showcasing everything from graphic illustrations and abstract art to text-based designs.

Designed to make your images pop, you can choose exactly where you want the gold or silver foil to appear in your custom design. And if you think these prints have the wow factor, just wait until you see our framed foil art prints.

What’s more, our advanced print technology puts us in a unique position to provide short print runs without any setup costs, enabling you to order custom foil prints as one-offs or in large quantities, both at scale and at speed. We can also produce prints sized up to a massive 40x80”, giving you the flexibility to create and sell custom foil prints without limits.

Our foil art prints are made from a non-woven material with a polyester backing for a premium, heavyweight feel. They come in sizes ranging from 4x6” to 40x80” and are dropshipped direct to your customers in a recyclable cardboard tube, rolled and ready for framing.

Please note: Transparent areas in your artwork will show the material’s gold or silver background.

  • Lustrous metallic prints
  • Gold or silver foil finish
  • Wide range of sizes
  • No minimum order quantity
Metallic foil prints are part of our New in, Trending , Foil prints and Weddings collections.

Example products

These are our most popular metallic foil prints variants. Sign up for an account to browse our complete range, view pricing and get 50% off your first sample order.

SKU Size * Ships from
ART-FOIL-SIL-4X6 100x150mm UK, US Get pricing
ART-FOIL-GOL-12X12 300x300mm UK, US Get pricing
ART-FOIL-SIL-16X20 400x500mm UK, US Get pricing
ART-FOIL-GOL-20X28 500x700mm UK, US Get pricing
ART-FOIL-SIL-24X32 600x800mm UK, US Get pricing
ART-FOIL-GOL-40X80 1000x2000mm UK, US Get pricing
* Products shipped from US/AU are sized to the nearest inch, and to the nearest cm elsewhere.

Materials and print technology

Printing method
Direct UV digital printing
Fine art paper
Smooth with a lustrous surface
Natural white


White-label packaging

All our shipments are white-label. There is no Prodigi branding on the outer packaging or on any included paperwork.

Packaging types

Metallic foil prints are shipped in a range of packaging types depending on the size/variant or where the item is printed.

Poster tube

Rigid spiral-wound cardboard tubes.

  • Tube packaging length
  • Tube packaging cap end


Highly opaque, postal envelopes for everyday mail.

  • White envelope
  • White cardboard envelope

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