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13 Halloween t-shirt design ideas to both inspire and terrify you

13 Halloween t-shirt design ideas to both inspire and terrify you
16 October 2020

The world of stock imagery is a weird and wonderful place to say the least; a cavernous vat of artwork ranging from the banal to the downright bizarre. Perfect for a Halloween-themed post…

So, without further ado, here are 13 wicked print on demand t-shirt designs guaranteed to get your brain juices flowing.

We kicked off with some hipster/Halloween hybrids… Urban Outfitters you know where to find us.

Bearded skull t-shirt design

Vampire lips t-shirt design

Pixel witch t-shirt design

Spider concentric layered pattern t-shirt design

We also had a go at making some very lazy Halloween costumes…

Halloween ripped t-shirt design

Splattered blood t-shirt design

Easy Halloween costume…or an easy way to get arrested?

Next up, we took things into the Zombie Zone…

Zombie t-shirt design

T-shirt design pattern of a zombie with an arrow through his skull

Poor little guy…

And then we came across this… What is even going on here? Is that a potato?

Creepy t-shirt design


Bringin' it back with some post-ironic clip art appreciation, Windows 98 style:

Retro clip-art style t-shirt design for Halloween

And some completely non-ironic appreciation for this fierce-yet-glamorous bat-kitty:

Halloween cat t-shirt design

Anyway, it turns out things can get pretty weird if you start exploring the 3D tag…

Rendered wizard baby on a t-shirt

3D woman's body with a zombie head on a t-shirt

Goodnight, sweet prince.

So clearly, if you're not using stock images in your print on demand store you're missing a trick!

If you have any horrifying/hilarious Prodigi designs you'd like to share with us, get in touch at and we might even feature them.

Happy creating!

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