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Shopify app concierge service

To get up and running with the Prodigi Print on Demand Shopify App, we've set up a dedicated team to handle all the heavy lifting associated with product creation; ensuring everything is in place for you to begin selling straight away.

You can benefit from this if you're already using Shopify or if you are setting up a new store from scratch.

We've provided an example data format that you can use to share the details of your images and products needing set up in the app.

Don't worry if you already have this information in a different format or already setup in Shopify, just provide it in any format you've got and our team will do all the conversion work required to get it ready for importing into the app. If we're missing anything critical, we will work together to fill in the gaps.

Key features

  • Bulk product creation and import — We'll upload your provided images and create the products in the app so that they're ready to start selling.
  • Image quality review — Any potential issues with print-quality will be fed back to you so that you can provide alternate images or tweak the product selection. This is in addition to our app's standard automated resolution checklist.
  • Product recommendations — We're experts when it comes to knowing what sells. We can provide suggestions as to which products would work well for you, and pick the best-selling sizes that best fit your images.
  • App walkthrough and best practices — Once everything is in place, we can walk you through how the app works and offer guidance on how to manage your products and add new ones so that you can retain ownership of your store and products. We'll also offer some guidance on setting up shipping.

Please get in touch to find out more about our concierge service or about our Shopify App.