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Setting up your Etsy product listings

One of the great features of our order import platform is that you remain in control of your products and selling experience. When setting up your Etsy products for easy ordering with us, you can continue to follow most of your normal routine. The description, images, sizes can all be inputted as usual, the key difference here is around the inventory and variants setup. If you are an existing Etsy seller and don’t want to make the below changes, it’s not essential. However we would recommend this optional step to streamline the ordering process.

Start by creating a new listing. If you’re new to Etsy, they provide this helpful guide on getting started. As part of the process, you’ll come across a section called "Inventory and pricing".

Etsy inventory and pricing

If you’re selling a single product that has no variants, such as a cushion, notebook or stickers, then you can enter the Product SKU into the field in this section. Our SKUs can be found on our website, but feel free to reach out to us if you need advice on which to use.

If the product that you’re setting up has multiple variants — such as a range of sizes for a canvas — then you should leave the main SKU field here blank. Instead, scroll down to the section just underneath, called "Variations" and click the "Add variations" button. You will need to have chosen a product category before you’re able to do this if you haven’t already selected one.

Etsy inventory and pricing for variations

Here you can then select the type of variation, and the different variations themselves, whether that may be a range of sizes or perhaps phone models. Then, check the box that says, "SKUs vary for each size". (Note: the word 'size' may differ depending on the type of variations selected.) You may also want to check the box that says "Prices vary for each size" here too, if you’re looking to sell them at different prices.

Once you’re happy with the variation details that you want to offer, you can press "Save and continue".

There will now be an option to add the individual Product SKUs. Setting up the individual variant details like this will make it easier for the order importer to correctly identify exactly which product a customer has ordered.

Etsy variation SKUs

Once you’ve added in these details and you’re happy with the rest of the product, you’re ready to go!

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