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Editing & reviewing your Wix orders

Once you’ve imported your Wix orders, we provide powerful controls to let you review and edit the order details — including full image editing control — so that you can be sure your products are produced to a high quality with perfect accuracy.

In the example below, you can see how your orders will be presented on screen. If a red banner appears across the top, our software has flagged that some details might be missing and these orders will need to be thoroughly checked before submitting.

Prodigi order import check

Reviewing & selecting product details

With access to our complete product catalog, there’s a lot of choice on offer. The product SKU and attributes can be included in your upload, or you can add them in for each order manually. The system will automatically try to determine the correct product. If we’re missing any details, we’ll flag the order so that you can quickly update it.

Select a product

Changing & editing print images

We recommend that the images you provide are suitable for printing, at a high resolution (300 dpi recommended), cropped for the product you’re ordering. We provide full image editing and positioning tools as part of the ordering dashboard so that you can review and edit the print images.

Product image editing

We’ll also highlight if the image quality may not be good enough for the selected product.

Reviewing shipping details

Full address details are imported for each order and displayed on the bulk order summary page for you to review.

Once the product and address details are confirmed, we’ll automatically display the available shipping methods and their prices.

We’ll always default to our standard shipping, giving the best balance between speed and cost.

Shipping editing

Editing multiple orders together

Once you’ve set up one product, we’ve made it really easy to share those changes between any number of orders that are part of the same upload. For example, if you needed to change the image for an order and then wanted to apply that to several more, you can easily select any number of other orders then copy the image across.

If you want to select particular items to copy, click on ‘select multiple orders’ at the top of the screen and you’ll then be able to choose whichever orders you would like. Once they’re all highlighted, you can copy the product details as outlined below.

To copy, simply select the action menu in the top-right corner of the order that you want to copy from, and choose ‘copy image details to selected orders’. The image will then be added to the other orders selected, and, where the product matches, we’ll copy any image edits that you made as well.

Updating multiple orders at once

You can copy image, product and shipping details between orders this way.

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