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Football cards

Custom fut cards for football fans

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Direct digital printing

A perfect gift for kids and adults alike, our personalised football cards will bring a smile to the face of any football lover.

Lightweight but durable, each 5mm thick football card features a solid foam core – made from 50% recycled materials – sandwiched between a rigid outer shell. Printed with outdoor-grade, UV-cured ink and finished with a super-smooth PVC coating, these custom football cards are fully waterproof, scratch-proof and recyclable.

All of our football cards are manufactured in the UK, but can be shipped to any global location.

  • Comes ready to hang
  • Bow and warp resistant
  • Long-lasting colour finish
  • Smudge and scratch proof
  • Recycled and recyclable
  • Fully waterproof

Materials and print technology

Printing method
Direct digital printing

Eco credentials

  • Recycling icon

    Recycled content

    Contains a significant proportion of recycled material.

  • Recyclable

    Can be recycled.


White-label packaging

All our shipments are white-label. There is no Prodigi branding on the outer packaging or on any included paperwork.

Flat cardboard box

Rigid, corrugated cardboard boxes made from recycled materials.

  • Cardboard box wallet style fold
  • Cardboard box corner

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