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Hahnemühle German etching

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Production time
72 hours
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From £3.00 *
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310gsm (9.1oz/yd)
Printing method
Available sizes
4x6" to 40x80"
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A heavy-duty paper with a slightly more textured finish than photo rag. The velvety matte surface is optimised for high-contrast prints and works brilliantly for limited editions. This vegan certified paper has a warm white hue providing a perfect surface for reproducing paintings, lithographs and fine art photography.

Please note: prints sized A4 or smaller will come in an envelope; all other sizes will come in a cardboard tube with recycled plastic ends.

Hahnemühle German etching prints are part of our Eco, Sustainable wall art and Discounted products collections.

Example products

These are our most popular Hahnemühle German etching prints variants. Sign up for an account to browse our complete range, view pricing and get 50% off your first sample order.

SKU Size * Ships from
GLOBAL-HGE-12X16 305x406mm UK, EU, US, AU Get pricing
GLOBAL-HGE-A3 297x419mm UK, EU, US, AU Get pricing
GLOBAL-HGE-A2 419x594mm UK, EU, US, AU Get pricing
GLOBAL-HGE-18X24 457x610mm UK, EU, US, AU Get pricing
GLOBAL-HGE-16X20 406x508mm UK, EU, US, AU Get pricing
* Products shipped from US/AU are sized to the nearest inch, and to the nearest cm elsewhere.

Materials and print technology

Printing method
Fine art paper
Velvet matt
Warm/natural white

Eco credentials

  • Water-based inks icon

    Water-based inks

    Printed using water based inks.

  • Sustainabily sourced icon

    Sustainably sourced paper or wood

    From sustainable forests.

  • Local fulfilment icon

    Local fulfilment

    Local fulfilment reduces carbon emissions.

  • Plastic-free icon


    Contains no plastic.

Fulfilment & packaging

Hahnemühle German etching prints are part of our global print on demand range. Order using a single SKU and we automatically fulfil your order from the print lab nearest to your customer.

Global products are greener, faster and cheaper.

Global product stamp

White-label packaging

All our shipments are white-label. There is no Prodigi branding on the outer packaging or on any included paperwork.

Packaging types

Hahnemühle German etching prints are shipped in a range of packaging types depending on the size/variant or where the item is printed.

Poster tube

When fulfilled from UK, EU, US, AU

Rigid spiral-wound cardboard tubes.

  • Tube packaging length
  • Tube packaging cap end

Square poster tubes

When fulfilled from EU

Strong and crush-resistant spiral-wound square cardboard tubes.

  • Square cardboard tubes
  • Strong square cardboard tubes

Sample pack

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Personalised product mockups

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