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Hardcover photo book

Custom photo books in hardback format

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Production time
120 hours
Wholesale cost
From £8.00 *
170gsm (5.0oz/yd)
Printing method
HP Indigo digital print
Available sizes
14x14cm / 5.5x5.5”, 21x21cm / 8x8”, A5 (portrait or landscape), A4 (portrait or landscape)

* Prices exclude taxes and shipping. AUD prices are approximate based on current rates.

The perfect way to commemorate special occasions like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, turn digital images into physical keepsakes with our personalised photo books.

Available to order with a matte-laminate front cover, this custom photo book comes with 24 pages of 170gsm silk-finish paper, giving your images a professional and polished look. Choose from a wide range of sizes, including square (14x14cm / 5.5x5.5” or 21x21cm / 8x8”), A4 or A5. We also use a case-wrap binding method to ensure long-lasting quality and protection. 

Printed in stunning, high-definition colour, we’ll print and dropship your bespoke hardcover photo books on demand.

  • Custom photo books
  • Hardback format
  • Matte-laminate cover
  • 24-300 pages
  • 170gsm silk-finish paper 
  • Case-wrap binding 
  • Available in square, A4 and A5 sizes 
  • Portrait or landscape orientation (A4 and A5 sizes only)
Hardcover photo books are part of our Father's Day, Trending, Moments, Weddings and Anniversaries collections.

Materials and print technology

Printing method
HP Indigo digital print
Photo paper

Eco credentials

  • Sustainabily sourced icon

    Sustainably sourced paper or wood

    From sustainable forests.

  • Local fulfilment icon

    Local fulfilment

    Local fulfilment reduces carbon emissions.

Fulfilment & packaging

Hardcover photo books are part of our global print on demand range. Order using a single SKU and we automatically fulfil your order from the print lab nearest to your customer.

Global products are greener, faster and cheaper.

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White-label packaging

All our shipments are white-label. There is no Prodigi branding on the outer packaging or on any included paperwork.

Flat cardboard box

Rigid, corrugated cardboard boxes made from recycled materials.

  • Cardboard box wallet style fold
  • Cardboard box corner

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