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Setting up your Squarespace product listings

One of the great features of our online ordering platform is that you remain in control of your products and selling experience. When setting up your Squarespace products for easy ordering with us, you can continue to follow your normal routine. The description, images and sizes can all be inputted as usual; the key difference being around inventory and variants set-up. If you’re an existing Squarespace seller, the below changes aren’t essential but we do recommend this optional step to help streamline the ordering process.

To begin, start by creating a new listing. If you’re new to Squarespace, there’s a helpful guide on how to do this here. As part of the process, you’ll come across a section called ‘Inventory’

Squarespace inventory and pricing

If you’re selling a single product that has no variants, such as a cushion, notebook or stickers, then you can enter the Product SKU into the field in this section. Our SKUs can be found on our website, but feel free to reach out to us if you need advice on which to use.

If the product that you’re setting up has multiple variants, known in Squarespace as “Variations” – such as a range of sizes for a canvas – then you can leave the main SKU field here blank. A section labelled ‘Variations’ will appear below the SKU Inventory section. Click the ‘Add’ button to begin building your variant options. You can use the ‘Add options’ screen to help you quickly build your different variations, such as frame colours and canvas sizes.

Squarespace inventory and pricing

With each variation created, you can then update the variant-specific details, such as the price, image and SKU. Once you’re happy with the variant details that you want to offer, you can press ‘Back’ and save the product, then you’re ready to go

Squarespace inventory and pricing

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