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Integrate your applications with our print API

Print API

A powerful API for integrating print on demand dropshipping into your website or mobile app.

Our print API provides a gateway to our production facilities in the UK and Europe as well as providing instant access to a global network of print on demand manufacturing partners in the USA, Australia, Canada and the rest of the world.

Simple integration

A simple integration provides clients with access to the world's best print on demand partners; with wholesale prices direct from the manufacturer. We've guides to help you get started or you can jump straight in by downloading the Prodigi Postman Collection (v4) which includes all of the API endpoints.

  • Create order
  • Update shipping
  • Get product
curl \
         -X POST \
         -H "X-API-Key: your-api-key" \
         -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
         -d ' { \
                "shippingMethod": "overnight" \
                "merchantReference": "myOrderRef" \
                "recipient": {...} \
                "items": [...] \
                "metadata": [...] \
          } '
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Secure and easy to use

The print API is securely accessed over HTTPS and can only be used by any authenticated clients. It's based on pragmatic RESTful principles making it easy to use with a wide variety of programming environments. If you're a developer looking to integrate print on demand products into your website or app then we are able to provide direct connectivity to the manufacturing infrastructure used by many of the world's most popular retail print services.

Print API UI functionality

Rich functionality

The print API lets you place orders, get the live status of orders - including delivery & tracking info - as well as send your customers branded email notifications.

  • Create order
  • Update shipping
  • Get product
curl \
         -X" POST" \
         -H" X-API-Key: your-api-key" \
         -H" Content-Type: application/json" \
         -d ' { \
                "shippingMethod": "express" \
          } '
  • Art prints
  • Photobooks

On demand fulfilment

You can benefit from rapid, on demand fulfillment of high-quality products without the expense or complexity of building your own print service.

The print API is already used by many International clients to outsource their printing and we specialise in providing fast, low cost delivery around the world.