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Environmental policy

Whatever colour your print, it’s green.

We understand the environmental responsibility that comes with offering a global print and fulfilment network and we are committed to ensuring our production processes and products are sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethically sound.

At the heart of our mission to make global printing local is a drive to make the print industry more sustainable by reducing carbon emissions.

Our software connects your business with print manufacturers and distributors all over the world and automatically routes orders to the nearest manufacturing facility as determined by your end-recipients address. So we can reduce our carbon footprint, as well as yours.

Due to the scale of our global network, we cannot offer a blanket list of environmental policies as they vary across print labs. However, we have been vigilant in gathering information on the eco credentials for every product we offer so that we can be as transparent as possible.

For information on the environmental policies of the labs that are fulfilling your orders, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

In our own UK based labs we source our wood and paper from sustainable forest sources. 99% of our products use water based inks which are free from harmful chemicals and we dispose of all waste responsibly. Our facilities also utilise solar power which has been generated on site.

We offer a cycle to work scheme to encourage our employees to give up their cars and use bikes for their daily commute. We also implement high levels of re-use and recycling in all areas of our operations.

If you have any questions regarding our sustainability or environmental policies, or have any suggestions on how we can do more to improve then please contact us.