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Shipping in Shopify

Prodigi manufactures products in different locations around the world, so we are able to keep delivery costs and times low by shipping the order from a location most local to your customer.

How much it costs to ship your order will depend on:

  • Destination country
  • Product ordered
  • Your preferred shipping speed

Regardless of where the product is manufactured or which shipping speed you select, all shipments use suitable and secure packaging, and are sent using a trusted courier.

Manufacturing globally, however, does mean that what we charge you for shipping can be complicated. And consequently, setting appropriate shipping prices in your store can also become complicated.

We currently recommend three approaches.

1. Offer free shipping

Offering free shipping in your store is simple to set-up and is attractive to your customers. Free shipping is known to to have a positive impact on cart conversions according to Shopify.

If you want to offer free shipping, you should factor the likely shipping costs into your profit margins when setting your product prices.

2. Use our recommended shipping prices

Our full shipping costs are complex, so we've devised a set of prices that are intended to simplify your set-up, reflect our cost prices as closely as possible, and ensure that shipping is as affordable as possible for your customers.

Our recommended prices are based on the average shipping costs for our products. Typically there will only be a few dollars' difference, but where the range of prices is more significant we highlight the maximum charge below. If you expect to be commonly shipping to those countries, please login to see exact pricing.

When adding these shipping prices to your store, you should use Shopify's price-based shipping with a minimum order value of zero and no maximum order value, to ensure that your shipping charges are applied to all orders.

Art prints recommended shipping prices

All our art prints are wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in thick cardboard tubes.

Budget Standard Express
UK $5.95 $6.95 $10.95
Europe $5.95 $6.95 $19.95
(up to $49.95)
Europe+ $5.95 $12.95 $24.95
(up to $39.95)
USA $5.95 $5.95 $19.95
RoW+ $5.95 $10.95
(up to $17.95)
(up to $24.95)
RoW $5.95 $11.95
(up to $26.95)
(up to $89.95)
Learn more about the countries in each zone.

Framed and canvas recommended shipping prices

Our framed prints and canvases are carefully packaged in secure cardboard boxes.

Standard Express
UK $12.95 $12.95
Europe $21.95 $26.95
Europe+ $29.95 $29.95
USA $16.95 $57.95
Up to 24" / 60cm $37.95
(up to $89.95)
(up to $89.95)
Over 24" / 60cm $75.95
(up to $249.95)
(up to $249.95)
Up to 24" / 60cm $67.95 $69.95
Over 24" / 60cm $189.95 $199.95
Learn more about the countries in each zone.

Recommended shipping prices for all other products

Coming soon

3. Choose your own shipping prices

Shopify offers a variety of ways to configure your shipping: by geographical zone, by weight, by basket value, and so on. Prodigi does not force or expect you to use any particular shipping pricing model. You should set up your shipping prices in a way that makes most sense for your business.

You should consider:

  • Our actual detailed shipping costs to you
  • Your product range
  • Your primary geographic market
  • The value, type and number of items in your typical basket

Shipping speeds

We provide three different shipping services:

  • Budget (untracked, available for art prints only)
  • Standard (default)
  • Express

By default, we send all orders using standard shipping. If you want to offer a range of shipping services in your store, our order fulfillment process will look for "budget", "standard" or "express" in the name of your store's shipping rate(s).


All cost prices shown in the app exclude tax.

Your order with us may be subject to local sales tax rates, depending on:

  • where your business is based;
  • where the item is printed;
  • where the item is shipped;
  • and in the case of VAT, whether your business is VAT-registered.