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FAQ: Stripe Connect Payments

Where do I sign up?

To sign up with Stripe Connect, head to the Prodigi Dashboard at, click the ‘Apps’ option in the left-hand menu and then click ‘Configure’ on one of your apps.

You’ll see a prompt to create a Stripe account and the Stripe Connect process will then guide you through each step. If you leave the process before completing each step, a prompt will be shown when you return to the configuration screen.

What information do I need to provide to Stripe?

You’ll be asked for some basic contact information, such as your name, email address, phone number and address. Stripe will also ask for your bank account information so that they can issue your payments.

You may also be prompted to upload some documentation to verify your address and identity, so you may want to have an ID card, passport and a letter with your address to hand.

Help – I’ve entered the wrong information and can’t proceed

During the sign up process with Stripe, you’ll be prompted to provide a phone number for verification purposes. Please ensure that you enter your phone number correctly as you’ll be unable to proceed without the verification code Stripe sends you.

If you do make a mistake, please feel free to contact us and we can reset your onboarding process for you.

Can I update my Stripe account information?

Yes, you can. After accessing the Apps menu on the Prodigi dashboard and configuring one of your connected apps, head to the Account & Payment tab where you can then edit your Stripe account information and view your payout history.

How do you process payments through my Print Shop/Photo book platform?

Prodigi has integrated the Photo Book Maker and Print Shop apps with Stripe Connect to allow for a seamless and secure payment process for your orders.

Your customers do not have to register an account or carry out any other additional steps – they simply enter their payment details to complete their transactions and Stripe does the rest.

For more information on which countries support Stripe Connect payments, click here.

How do I receive my profits from completed orders?

Once an order has been completed, payouts will be deposited into the bank account of the registered merchant. As part of the Prodigi sign up process, you’ll be directed to register with Stripe Connect where you’ll then provide your account information.

When will I receive money owed to me?

This can vary depending on how long you’ve been registered with Stripe Connect and which region you’re in, but payments are typically issued between 2 and 30 calendar days.

The first payout from Stripe Connect will be within 7 to 14 days after receiving your first successful customer payment.

More details on Stripe’s payout timings are available here:

Is tax handled automatically, or do I need to set this up myself?

All necessary VAT charges are processed and handled automatically through Stripe Connect.

Please note that the following guidelines do not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice and must not be used as such. It is the sole responsibility of all Prodigi clients to comply with all legal and sales tax requirements for issuing sales tax or VAT invoices in respect to your sales transactions.

All of the logic for applying and collecting the correct sales taxes for each of your orders is automatically determined by our platform when each order is placed.

How secure is your payment processing platform?

As we use Stripe Connect, the Print Shop and Photo Book Maker apps are as secure as many popular online stores. Stripe Connect will handle all of your payment information and this is never stored in any Prodigi system.

The payment process is also protected with an SSL certificate to ensure any and all data passed between the Prodigi and Stripe systems is fully encrypted and secure.

How much do you charge for processing payments?

The charge will be for the base cost of the purchased product plus the selected shipping charges plus any VAT and a platform transaction fee of 2% of the total product and shipping costs plus 20 pence (GBP)

Base cost of product + Shipping costs + (if applicable) VAT + 2% of the total + 20p